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“Music speaks to everyone’s heart. I’m never happier than when I’m sharing great songs and stories of our lives.”

Welcome to my official website, where you’ll find the latest information about my life and career as singer, actor, and entertainer. I’m a Midwesterner, born in Indiana, raised in Ohio. As a youngster I loved to play baseball, watch the black and white TV, and dream of travel, excitement, and show business. I became an actor as a young lad and began to sing with my Irish tenor. I’ve continued my love affair with music and theater through adulthood, also adding film-acting and opera. Today I am performing for audiences of all sizes, across the country.

So thank you for dropping by. Take your time to check out the site. Inside, you’ll find my personal story, a look at where I’ve been and where I’m going, a discussion of the singers and the music that I love to perform, a calendar of upcoming shows and how you can get tickets, and, my Tribute to Andy Williams Showlook for the “Tribute Page” link in the Work and Plans section.

There are videos as well with sample tracks you can click on and watch. Just follow the links at the top of the page. I hope you enjoy the site. I’d love to hear from you. Just use the convenient contact page to reach me. I read and respond to all my mail, so don’t be shy.

Thanks for visiting. I hope I’m singing for you very soon

With love, Chuck

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Andy Williams Tribute

I think that if I had been born across the ocean, in the land of Strauss, I might have sung with the Vienna Boys Choir. I had a high boy soprano voice. At my little Methodist church in Cincinnati, Ohio, I sang the top parts with the adult choir at age 8. I sang my first public solo there, “This is My Father’s World”, right out of the hymnal, for which a parishioner gave me a shiny, new dime. I was thrilled!

That day started me on a path of music and performing. I sang through school choirs, a garage rock and roll band, and musical theater. Although I loved to sing, I was too conditioned to the notion that I needed a more secure path. With my older brother’s lead, I followed him into radio. During those years and later, the television years (I eventually became a meteorologist so I could perform on TV), I continued to sing, occasionally with groups. I also did professional dinner theater and changed from character actor to leading man.

My musical life really began an upward turn when I began to sing with a Big Band. It was in Dayton, Ohio about 1990. Then later, and for the past decade and a half, with a tremendous, swinging Big Band in Columbus, Ohio. Those great charts of great songs are a joy to perform. The songs and shows reconnected me to the music of my folks, the Greatest Generation, as well as the music that bridged to my Baby Boomers.

In thinking of that “bridge”, I invariably would think of the one iconic artist whose style, talent, class, and hipness reached the hearts of both generations all his life: Andy Williams. Since his passing, I have strove to keep his story, his memory, and his music alive and meaningful. Although I proudly perform the work of many artists, my Tribute to Andy Williams has captured passion and imagination.




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